MAY 16-19, 2014 Painted Quilt Art Retreat

2014 attendees....  Bal due 3-1-2014

May 16 - 19, 2014 - PAINTED QUILT ART RETREAT 
This retreat is full...   presently accepting wait list names....
Mid day 1pm Friday MAY 16 thru Monday MAY 19

Painting and Quilting Classes
$505.00 dbl occ.
$75 deposit holds your seat til balance due Mar 1st
In the heart of So. Cal Temecula Wine Country
at the beautiful retreat center of Vina de Lestonnac
Dinner Fri, 3 meals Sat., Sun Brunch, On Our Own restaurant dining Sun evening, Monday Breakfast, Lunch

Double Occupancy Lodging includes Fri-Su Nights ( limited single availability cost = +. $85 sngl. occ)
If you snore , please signup with a compatible friend or  limited availability single occupancy.

(  FYI:  2015 dates are defined as May 15 -18.. Pricing will be updated with venue contract signing)

Contact patt@pattsart.com
PAYMENTS: Checks payable to
Patt Blair
P O Box 302
Mt. Baldy, Ca 91759 909 982-7772

Cancellation Policy

If traveling with considerable transportation expense, I encourage the purchase of Cancellation and Travel Insurance, whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile-usually purchased through your travel agent within 14 days of sending in your deposit. Cancelled reservations will have the following charges: event minus 120 or more days $35 , 119 - 91 days $75 , 90 - 0 days No Refund

email patt@pattsart.com with interest in attending.
Forward the following information :
with payment:
Mailing Address,City,State, Postal Code
Email address
Contact Phone Number/s
Single or Double Occupancy
Identify Room mate person or requirements if any
Special Lodging or Dining Needs

Those flying can chose San Diego or Ontario, Ca airports (I think Ontario is easier to navigate from)


Painted Quilt Art
Lest you plan to use one of mine ( I have 'em there) IF POSSIBLE: PLEASE COME WITH YOUR READY TO GO ENLARGED DRAWING CREATED USING INSTRUCTIONS found via E-Z Drawing Method on the side bar link list. You'll be SOOOOO happy you did this in advance. If unable to prepare drawings in advance, you may do so at the retreat and take a short trip into town for enlargements :-)
Painting Description
This class is perfect for those that don’t draw or paint but wish they could.
We can use technology to create your own original contour drawing from a photo you bring to class… or ..you can chose from one of my ready to go contour drawings. You’ll paint using TSUKINEKO fabric Inks and special stick applicators. By the later part of Day 2 we'll begin planning discussions about bordering, binding, hanging, and quilting your painted piece. THEN.. It's quilting time lest you prefer to continue painting.
Beginning and Intermediate Level

Painting Supplies
Regular point and ultra fine point black sharpie pens
Pencil and notebook for taking notes
Appx a fat quarter of white or off white scrap fabric..( to practice on)
Appx ½ yard of prepared for dyeing white fabric… OR ½ yard of washed plain white fabric.
Fabric and Paper Scissors
Masking or painters tape
1 white large plastic trash bag ( like for tall kitchen cans)
A few Paper Towels in case of a rare spill
Bring clear focus color photo/s ( 8” x 10” size) of what you wish to create a drawing for to paint. You might want to keep this project manageable in size… i.e. around 18 x 20. If creating your own drawing.. you will need a clean sheet of paper the size of your ultimate drawing. Patt will have a roll of oversized paper in the classroom for sale at cost. If you do not wish to create an original drawing, you may chose from one of my ready to go contour drawings at my cost of reproduction. Anyone arriving with a ready to go drawing will get started more quickly. click on PattsEZ drawing Method link above left.
Bring Pigment inks ,fantastix, and fabric markers you may already own. ( There will be time in class to pick up what you don’t have)
Optional :
A 20 x 30 foam art board ( or something similar) found in craft and stationary stores. Many find it nice to tape their project to a hard back surface so they can tilt it toward them to paint.
A white plastic picnic plate to mix on should you wish to mix inks.. I rarely do this
Acrylic watercolor brushes if you prefer over stick applicators
If you already have one of these and have difficulty getting up and down, you may wish to bring a small craft iron and ironing pad, power strip to keep by your work space.

inks /markers / fabric available in classroom at reasonable prices..(check or cash)
Inks and markers are less than $4 bottle, applicators are less than$1

Quilting Description: Using your already finished top, we’ll first review what quilt lines convey what messages, then you’ll create a quilting plan for your piece using tracing paper and pencils.. Then.. You QUILT to your hearts content.

Your piece you wish to quilt
Tablet of Tracing Paper (larger is better)
Scotch tape and / or masking/painters tape
Variety of Colored Pencils (the full rainbow of colors plus a few neutrals)
One or 2 practice quilt sandwiches made up of 2 solid fabrics and a batting… about 9 x 12” size
Color Assortment of Polyester or Rayon Finishing Threads your might use on your quilt top
Bobbin Thread ( I like Clear and Smoke Polyester)
Manual Pencil Sharpener
Notebook / Pen for notes
Your Sewing Machine (in good working order.. bring your manual too)
FOR THOSE WISHING TO JUST CONTINUE PAINTING.... Forget your machine and sewing supplies.
Basic Sewing Supplies (Machine needles, fabric and paper scissors, seam ripper, etc.)
Backing Fabric and Batting, Quilters Safety pins
Rotary Cutter/Ruler
Cutting Board optional… there are some already there

Shampoo, hairdryer, bathing suit/beach towel should you wish to use the pool ( jacuzzi no longer open) , flashlight for walking grounds at night, your favorite candy/ snack to share ( completely optional) , personal beverages. (There is coffee and filtered hot. cold water provided. We have a shared fridge in the classroom.)
Lodging rooms include soap, bath towels, linens. Should you have a wireless laptop, there is wireless Internet connectivity available in classroom.
Viña de Lestonnac Retreat Center
39300 De Portola Road
Temecula, CA 92591

From Los Angeles airport, start here: (about 1½– 2 hours)

Take the 405 Fwy South;
to the 22 East (Garden Grove)
to the 55 Fwy North (Riverside);
to the 91 East;
to the 15 Fwy South (San Diego).
Note: This route avoids Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and Angel Stadium traffic. See Mapquest for other routes.

From John Wayne Orange County airport, start here: (about 1½– 2 hours)

Take the 405 Fwy North;
to the 55 Fwy North (Riverside);
to the 91 East - Riverside;
to the 15 Fwy South (San Diego).

From ONTARIO airport, start here: (about 40 minutes)

Take the 10 Fwy East
to the 15 Fwy South (San Diego).
You will be on the 15 Fwy for about 40 miles
Exit at 79 South.. turn left
( this will be the SECOND 79 Highway)

From San Diego airport start here: (about 1 hour)

Take the 5 Fwy North
to the 8 Fwy East;
to the 15 Fwy North for about an hour.
Exit at 79 South ..turn right( this will be the First 79 Highway)

Once on the 15 Fwy from all starting points:
Exit Temecula Parkway (79 South) and make a left at the bottom of the ramp (go under the freeway).
(From San Diego, turn right).
Remain on Temecula Parkway, for about 5.1 miles, to Anza Rd and turn left. 
You will pass Home Depot and Wal-Mart before Anza Rd.
At the next stop sign, turn right onto De Portola. You will pass horse ranches. 
About 4.2 miles on the left you will see Viña de Lestonnac. 

You will see the bright blue roofs of the various buildings. 
Make a left into the entrance, which is a long driveway and follow this road to the bottom of the hill to the dorm rooms, where you will find ample parking.

Classrooms and Lodging are located in the retreat residential area at the end of the drive/property. 
Look for a sign by the registration office that directs you to which of 2 classrooms is ours. I will have room keys and room assignments waiting for you inside the classroom starting at 1pm

Drawing For Those That DON'T Draw

For those attending my retreat and looking to create an original drawing (actually tracing)off one of your photographs, you'll be way ahead of the game if you come with your ready to go drawing. That said, I'm posting a review of the process.
Step 1 ( Photo above)
First,in addition to a clear IN FOCUS photograph, you'll need the following: painters or masking tape, 1 sheet (8 1/2 x 11) clear acetate or a letter sized plastic sheet protector , an ultra fine point sharpie pen. The acetate could be a book report cover, or as I mostly use, a piece of overhead transparency film available at most all stationary stores. There are several kinds "write on, ink jet, and laser". Write on is least expensive and works well. 3M makes a good product though a store brand is fine.

Step 2 (Photo above)
The most important of all is a clear in Focus photograph. If you start with a snapshot like a 4 x 6, enlarge it (on paper is fine) to an 8" x 10" as this will offer a much easier tracing job. What you see here is a snapshot my hubby took of a shoe shine boy found in a plaza in Chiapas, Mexico near the Guatamalan border. Ray is presently doing this image on canvas but is using this process to get the original acetate image which he then projects and pencils right on the canvas.
( One could use the same process to create an original drawing on paper that would be placed underneath your fabric as a painting guide... but honestly.... it's time consuming, less accurate, and tricky to get right particularly when enlarging only a wee bit. .... so continue reading.)

Step 3 (Photo above)
Next, at a time when you are not in a big hurry, tape the 8 x 10 photo to a smooth desk level writing surface like the kitchen table. One piece of tape at each of the four corners is fine.

Step 4 (Photo above)
Place the piece of clear acetate over the photograph and likewise tape the acetate to the tabletop using 4 small pieces of tape.

Step 5 (Photo above)
In preparation for your tracing, be thinking about the smooth continuos lines you see in a coloring book. That kind of coloring book simplicity line is your goal. No sketchy sketchy stuff. :-) Now, using an ultra fine point sharpie, settle down without caffeine in your system ( maybe 1 small glass of wine would be helpful..??) and begin to trace all the important images, slowly and carefully.

Step 6 (Photo above)
Your tracing will look something like this!

Step 7 (Photo above)
When you have finished tracing the desired image, you can place a piece of white paper behind the clear acetate and you will now have a contour drawing which you can lay on your copier and make 1 black and white paper copy to take to a printer like Kinko's and ask for an enlargement. A good class project size is 205% enlarged which prints an 18" x 24" drawing derived off your original 8 1/2 x 11. Most print shops can enlarge an 8 1/2" x 11" up to 400% resulting in a drawing about 34" x 44'. If you'd like, ask to use their proportional scale wheel to calculate something more exact. They should be able to help you with that.
The resulting paper drawing will be an exact reproduction of your tracing and will be laid underneath your fabric when we are ready to paint. No marking on the fabric is necessary. The cost is pretty nominal (appx. $3 for a 205% enlargement), and it will put you 3 to 4 hours ahead when class starts making your retreat experience even more productive. You'll be truly glad you spent this time in preparation.
There's a bit more detail re: enlarging on the bottom of http://www.pattsdrawingmethod.blogspot.com also accessible via the link list above.